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Keyword: but

Description: conjunction 1. on the contrary; yet: My brother went, but I did not. 2. except; save: She was so overcome with grief she could do nothing but weep. 3. unless; if not; except that (followed by a clause, often with that expressed): Nothing would do but that I should come in. 4. without the circumstance that: It never rains but it pours. 5. otherwise than: There is no hope but by prayer. 6. that (used especially after doubt, deny, etc., with a negative): I don't doubt but he will do it. 7. who not; that not: No leaders worthy of the name ever existed but they were optimists. preposition 10. with the exception of; except; save: No one replied but me. adverb 11. only; just: There is but one God. noun 12. buts, reservations or objections: You'll do as you're told, no buts about it. Idioms 13. but for, except for; were it not for: But for the excessive humidity, it might have been a pleasant day. 14. but what.
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