North Korea is operating a science search engine, report says

The North Korean portal is accessible by smartphone and is used to improve farming practices.
By Elizabeth Shim   |   Aug. 6, 2015 at 12:25 PM

North Korea has built an online portal for the country’s scientific community that allows users to access the data of major research institutions in the country. Photo by Katharine Welles/Shutterstock

SEOUL, Aug. 6 (UPI) — North Korea has built an online portal for the country’s scientific community, and the search engine can be accessed from smartphones, according to a report.

The pro-Pyongyang outlet Choson Sinbo published a story on the portal Wednesday, but the site has been in operation since November 2013 and smartphone service began in November 2014, South Korean outlet CBS No Cut News reported.

The comprehensive site “Yolpung,” meaning “fever” in Korean has gathered the database of each major scientific research institute in North Korea. Participants include Kim Il SungUniversity, the North Korean Confederation of Science and Technology’s Central Committee, North Korea’s Education Committee, the Grand People’s Study House – also known as the central library in Pyongyang – and various agricultural agencies.

According to the Choson Sinbo, the portal is “widely used in the practices of collective farms…according to sources, know-how on crop cultivation methods adjusted to agricultural, technological resources and recent weather patterns is available.”

In addition to text documents, video and multimedia also are online.

The slogans “Pyongyang Mind” and “Pyongyang Speed” are enjoying resurgence under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Construction in the city of Pyongyang is booming as a wave of new economic activity has taken hold across all sectors, including technology.