Search Engine was started in November of 2014. It was started because we noticed the lack of features on traditional search engines. Every search engine out there has the same old 10 links on the page with no extra features for those links. GeniusSearch prides itself on offering way more than the competition does. GeniusSearch has features like quick look, email link, comment on links, share link and the ability to pin the images to pintrest in image search. More features are coming. In developement right now is a review system for each website so that users can leave reviews for each site.


Quicklook – quicklook offers users a way to take a sneak peak at websites without leaving the search engine. You can open multiple websites at once to take a look and compare the sites, whether you are comparing prices or just looking for the best pictures or videos. You can use the quick look feature for anything.

Email link – Under each web result there is a way to email the link to anyone you want. If you want to share results with friends you can quickly email the link to them with our email link button.

Comments – Under each web result there is a way to leave comments on the website (domain or url). You can easily leave any comment you want users to see on the search engine. This is a great way to discuss news articles or leave feedback about the websites you visit.

Share – Under each result is a share button so that you can share the link with anyone on the website you choose. There are currently 300 websites that integrate with the share button including facebook, twitter, tumblr and google+. Just hit the button and you’ll get to share the link with who ever you want.

Pin it – A pin it button is available for all image searches so if you would like to pin the images you are looking at its only 1 click away. You can pin any of the images you find on to pintrest.

In development – Review system – A review system is in development for When its done users will be able to leave their comments about the website along with a rating out of 5 stars so that other users can see it directly on search results when searching for something.